Just Do The Opposite

Good Advice or Just Reverse Psychology?
Written  June 7, 2017 
I love the episode of Seinfeld where George declares (and Seinfeld encourages) everything he has done is his life up to his point has ended up on the wrong side of success. Every instinct, everything he said, every relationship he tried to develop, etc. just turned out bad. Then one day with Seinfeld’s hint (inception), he has an epiphany.

“What if just did the opposite?”

That launches him on a humorous set of events that day where he turns his life around (at least for a day) and has more success that he has ever dreamed of.

Unfortunately, it did not last long for George and that’s what kept the show funny.
Whenever I have tried to start some businesses in the past, and think most people can relate to this… I have felt like George.

Every instinct I had was just wrong. It felt good. It felt right. My mind just knew it would work.

But it didn’t.

I couldn’t understand this. I was successful as a business development executive for a large company. Successful as an athlete in high school and college. Successful as a husband and father.

Why isn’t this working for me?

In hindsight, I would have been better if I had written down a list of things I knew I should do and then just did the exact opposite. I would have probably had more success early on.

I should have taken the proverbial highway, instead of my way.

The problem is that we just don’t understand the principles of success, particularly in the new online world of e-commerce. We think just because it looks and sounds easier due to lack of barrier to entry, that success is going to be easy.

We bring in our same thinking and expect different results.

There must be an Epiphany that occurs in your brain where you accept the fact the someone else knows a lot more than you do and you just need to use their formula or recipe and throw yours in the trash for a while. I have found my ego gets in the way and won’t let my mind pass.

Men seem to have a bigger problem with this than women in general.

I tried changing it a little to make myself feel better that I was acting, but I was just changing the outfit, not the person on the inside and what I needed to understand and believe before I could take the right kind of actions in my business.

That is the epiphany that happened to me while watching Russell Brunson in a few of his seminars. 

It just clicked. 

I realized that there were dozens of things I was doing and holding as hard positions or premises in my business that just needed to be removed. There were actions I was taking that were well intentioned and had personal justification behind it, but it was not helping my growth.

We all need someone like a Russell Brunson to help us bridge in our minds how to “do the opposite” and get rid of things holding us back.

If nothing seems to be working for you in your business….

Do the Opposite!

Or just go listen to Russell for a while. 

About Author: 

Founded by a former Business Development Executive for a Fortune 50 company, now full time as an e-commerce business owner and consultant. He specializes in building sales funnels for small businesses and online startups. In addition to several of his own businesses where he puts his funnel building skills to use, he founded Funnel Rush as a creative outlet to share his experiences to the greater online marketing community. When he is not funnel building, he prefers to spend his time with his wife and two, hunting, and in the great outdoors and in fellowship with his church family.   
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