7 KEY Reasons Online Startups Fail

Sales Funnel Technology & Business Process - Displacing & Disrupting in the online space. 

This is the big PARADIGM SHIFT that every business needs to go through….and quickly to survive. 
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Written May 24, 2017
The days of just putting a website up, doing some advertising in traditional media or even social media now and expecting results are OVER. There is lightning in a bottle you can catch every now and then, but you will go broke expecting, “if you build it, they will come”.

This Key Reason goes hand in hand with the Value Ladder concept I talked about in an earlier article.

A Sales funnel is dynamically qualifying the right customers, narrowing the amount of traffic and actively converting those target customers from cold to hot in a series of bridge messages, valued offers and upsells. Each step along the ladder gives the customer unquestionable value but extends the profit making until later in the value ladder so as it build sincere trust with their clients.   

For example, for one of our businesses that specializes in organic body care, we sell an unrefined organic cocoa butter to a very niche audience. We tried just selling it by itself with some common offers like B1G1Free or Free+Shipping. But it found limited success. When we better understood the funnel and value ladder concept, we shifted to taking our customer's on a journey and found much more success.

-We shared stories about how our customers were using cocoa butter to better their skin conditions.   
-Gave them additional supporting products for free that were complimentary.  
-Gave them private free access to recipe charts showing them how to mix their cocoa butter with other oils.   
-Gave them private access to videos which showed them the same. 
-Did Webinars which made the product use more personal and social.   

We intentionally broke even and possibly lost money on the front end in order to create trust and then give them more value in return for a profit later.  

A Sales Funnel approach utilizes different messaging at each stage of qualification process and offers as their target customers rich content in exchange for things as simple as their email for subscription purposes.

A business owner using a Sales Funnel knows that owning and controlling traffic and owning the right traffic is a primary objective and there must be value exchanged to accomplish that. 

Most failing online businesses don’t have a traffic or conversion problem. They have a funnel problem. 

They just simply don’t have one, or a very good one at best.

The Solution:

For online businesses to be successful in the future, they must aggressively discard the traditional ways of doing things and become experts at building their own funnels based on a solid value ladder that will appeal to their target customer base.

The businesses that embrace this will thrive while their competition continues to struggle and eventually die.

Funnel Building is a combination of the right technology and the right customer centered and creative business process that an entrepreneur needs to go through in order to define their target customer, competitive research, bridge messaging, value ladder, offer building, communication sequencing, and more.   

The technology can make the difference which is why we use and unapologetically recommend Clickfunnels which is a game changer for small business that is leaving other platforms in the dust.  This works for the businesses that are exclusively online as well as traditional small business that needs to expand their market presence and global reach.  

Resolve to become a Value Ladder and Sales Funnel expert first, not a product or website expert.
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