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7 Key Reasons Why Online Startups Fail
# 6 - Desperate Measures

Most entrepreneurs seem to start their business like their three touchdowns behind in the last two minutes of the football game in a hurry up offense.  They are underfunded, under time constraints and they make decisions like that.  
Written by Shawn Stone on May 20,  2017
Growing up in the Dallas area in the late 70’s and early 80’s, my sports hero was Roger Staubach, Hall of Fame quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. He had the nickname "Roger the Dodger" due to his uncanny ability to scramble, elude tackles and throw outside of the pocket. He made many incredible last minute plays to win games throwing what would become known as “Hail Mary’s” where he would send the ball all the way down the field and one his wide receivers would make an acrobatic catch to win the game.

At the time, he held some type of record for the most comeback wins. My mother used to always question though if he was so good, why did he always have to come from behind. I did not care as my Father and I loved to watch him play.

People start and run their startups and online businesses like that and it does not work. Too many Hail Mary’s…desperation heaves down the field with very little time left on the clock. 

A person says something like, “I must make this work in the next 90 days, or I am finished. I have 6 months to “fill in the blank”, or I am done. If that is your mentality, your almost guaranteed to fail.

There is a difference between urgency and desperation behavior.   I am a big believer in having a sense of urgency.

Urgency creates a good work ethic but desperation fosters bad decision making. Most businesses take 1-2+ years before they see a profit…many longer. Why do we buy into a lie that our E-commerce strategies will be different, especially today with so much competition fighting in a bloody red ocean?

The great thing about developing an online presence and business, regardless of whether you have a brick and mortar today or not…is the speed in which you can launch new ideas and the potential capital friendly nature of that venture. The negative can be said of the same.

The investment required to establish your personal brand, valued products & content, subscribers, and eventually buyers, takes a lot of Trust AND Time.
Entrepreneurs and Scam Artists looking to get in and make a quick buck are everywhere but won’t last long.


Resolve to build an initial business plan and launch that extends beyond 12-24 months, even longer. If you’re really in this to build a sustainable business model, you must marry up your energy and passion with discipline and grit.

Take the time to get yourself educated.

Time to make some mistakes.

Time to develop the right network around you that can help you succeed.

You CAN’T do that in 30 days. 

Having a short term do or die approach may work to get you out of a temporary hole, but it only serves to set you up to bury your online dreams in the longer term.
Take consistent ACTION but give yourself some time to make mistakes…which will happen.

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